Professional Liability for Healthcare Businesses

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Also General Liability, Property, Business Owners Policy (BOP), Workers’ Comp, EPLI, Cyber and more

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Examples of Healthcare Firms that HPSO covers

  • Pharmacy
  • Audiologists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Clinics
  • Rehab Services
  • Family therapy
  • Nurse Practitioner clinic
  • Health Education
  • Consulting
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Counseling
  • Home Healthcare
  • Dieticians / Nutritionists
  • Career Counseling
  • Staffing
  • And more…

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Why HPSO for your business

HPSO has been helping healthcare business owners with their malpractice insurance for more than 25 years.
Instant and affordable quotes, customized to your practice needs. Professional liability, BOP, Workers Comp, EPLI, and more.
Healthcare practices
Over 30,000 healthcare practices count on us for the professional liability insurance coverage they need at affordable costs and so can you

Business Insurance Solutions for Healthcare Firms

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  • Professional Liability

    Whether your healthcare practice is large or small, you are vulnerable to the threat of a lawsuit.

    The professional liability insurance for healthcare businesses offered through HPSO covers malpractice claims made against you by patients alleging you were negligent in providing, or failing to provide, professional services, including the cost of the legal defense.

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  • Property and Liability Bundle
    Business Owners Policy (BOP)

    A ‘BOP’ policy is like homeowners’ insurance for your business. Like a homeowners’ policy, it packages together property and general liability protection, with some coverage extensions.

    The property can cover the content (furniture, equipment, etc) if you own or rent, and building (if you own) in the case of a fire, flooding or other; and the General Liability – bodily injury and property damage (e.g. a slip and fall of a customer).

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  • Workers Compensation

    It covers occupational Injuries and Illness (medical expenses and wage replacement) if an employee has a job-related accident or illness.

    It is mandatory in most US states if you have employees.

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Why healthcare firms choose HPSO?

Testimonial John White, Pharmacy

Easy as Pie!

John White, Pharmacy

As a new professional I am glad that this process was simple and informative for people like me who are starting out.

Testimonial Jane Smith, Audiologist


Jane Smith, Audiologist

It was an easy process and everything was easy to understand. Called once to make sure insurance was valid in multiple states and staff was very helpful and friendly.

Testimonial Michael Adams, Health Education

Quick & Affordable

Michael Adams, Health Education

Painless experience. Cost less than I expected.

Frequenty Asked Questions about Professional Liability

What does my professional liability cover?

  • Professional Liability Coverage – up to $1 million each claim, up to $3 million annual aggregate
  • Personal Injury Coverage – shares professional liability limits of liability
  • Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Coverage – up to $25,000 annual aggregate
  • Enterprise Privacy Protection (EPP) – up to $25,000 aggregate*
  • License Protection – up to $25,000 annual aggregate
  • Defendant Expense Benefit – up to $1,000 per day, up to $25,000 annual aggregate
  • Deposition Representation – up to $10,000 annual aggregate
  • Assault Coverage – up to $25,000 annual aggregate (Not available in Texas)
  • Damage to Property of Others – up to $10,000 annual aggregate
  • Medical Payments – up to $25,000 per person, up to $100,000 annual aggregate
  • First Aid Coverage – up to $10,000 annual aggregate
  • Enterprise Privacy Protection coverage not available in all states and may vary by state.

How long does it take to get my policy?

For more than 80% of the online applications, we provide Online quotes, 24/7; and you can purchase them right away.

How can I pay for my policy?

We accept credit cards and bank account transfers (ACH)

How much does professional liability cost?

Professional liability for healthcare professionals costs depends on many factors like your type of firm, your specific profession and the professions of your employees and the specific services you offer. Generally, the price starts at $400 and is commonly between $700 and $1800.

Why do I need professional liability for a healthcare practice?

We have created this series of videos, featuring an attorney who represents healthcare professionals, to help dispel numerous misconceptions about malpractice insurance and provide insights into the value of having your own individual professional liability insurance policy. See here those videos.

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Professional Liability Insurance for Healthcare Businesses & Practices

You opened your business to provide healthcare services to your community. However, in today’s litigious environment, neither you nor your employees are immune from the threat of a malpractice lawsuit.

Don’t risk the reputation of your business. Help address your insurance needs with professional liability and business owner’s insurance through Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO).

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